About Us

Who We are…

We believe that God is alive and in the power of prayer. Our purpose is to encourage those who want to intercede and bless all nations and tribes worldwide to pray together.

You can join the prayer by choosing a nation you belong to or a nation of interest. Praying for each nation and tribe is partaking in God’s end-time fulfillment of His plans for each nation. Through prayer, by establishing a global network, we can raise 7000 intercessors for each nation and connect the world with prayer.

This site provides general prayer topics of each country and real-time prayer topics that come up urgently so that you can pray for your own country or a country of your choice. It also provides a united network that allows us to share prayers for the challenges and problems of the world.

As the Holy Spirit moves and touches our hearts, we hope for you to join in this prayer movement in obedience until the 7,000 intercessors arise for each nation as we create a global network of prayer together.

What Do We Believe?

1. We believe that one God is the Creator and Operator of all things, and is eternally present as the Trinity of the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit.

2. We believe that salvation is a gift of God, given by faith, not by any action or activity of man, but by the grace of His redemption in Jesus Christ.

3. We believe that the 66 books of the Bible are inspired by God and are the exact inerrant Word of God.

4. We believe that the mission or calling of the Church is to sanctify God’s name and to fulfill His will on the earth.