General Information

    • Area: 330,803sq km
    • Population: 32,730,000 (2020 estimate)
    • Capital: Kuala Lumpur
    • Main Religion: Muslim(61.3%, official), Buddhism(19.8%), Christianity(9.2%)
    • Official Language: Malay

Challenges for Prayer

  1. Pray for the leaders, who must seek to hold the country together in ways that satisfy both moderate and conservative Muslims, as well as minorities.

  2. Pray for wisdom and courage for all Muslims who choose to follow Christ.

  3. Pray for the Malays who are isolated from laws and society to encounter Jesus!

  4. The government forces Malaysians to use Malay as a common language, but restricts its use for Christian literature and church service for fears that Malays become Christian. Pray for all faith communities to have freedom to use the entire language.

Source: Molly Wall, Pray for the World, 2015