General Information

  • Area: 56,785 sq km
  • Population: 8,608,444 (2020 estimate)
  • Capital: Lome
  • Main Religion: Christianity(43.7%), Traditional faiths(35.6%), Islam(14%), Unaffiliated(6.2%)
  • Official Language: French, Yoruba

Challenges for Prayer

  1. Pray that God breaks down the bitterness between the southern (Guinean) and central-northern (Gur, who dominate politics) peoples due to the military coup and unfair elections.

  2. Pray for an end to many evils such as human traffickers due to poverty, and for effective ways to fight poverty

  3. Pray that newer and older churches might work together for God’s glory.

  4. Pray that evangelical mission agencies which send workers are getting more.

Source: Molly Wall, Pray for the World, 2015