General Information

  • Area: 83,379 sq km
  • Population: 9,006,398 (2020 estimate)
  • Capital: Vienna
  • Main Religion: Christianity(69%),
    No religion(22%), Islam(7.9%)
  • Official Language: German

Challenges for Prayer

  1. Pray that many believe in God can know Jesus personally.

  2. Pray for the Spirit of God to move, and to make the Lutheran and Reformed churches a force for the evangelization of Austria.

  3. Pray for God to multiply congregations that honor and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Pray for the 6 ethnic groups of the former Yugoslavia, some of the least-reached peoples of Europe.

  5. Pray for God to cancel the efforts of cults and sects, and to release the people caught up in false beliefs.

Source: Molly Wall, Pray for the World, 2015