General Information

  • Area: 640,679 sq km
  • Population: 67,081,000 (2020 estimate)
  • Capital: Paris
  • Main Religion: Christianity(51%),
    No religion(40%), Islam(5%)…
  • Official Language: French

Challenges for Prayer

  1. Pray that the faith and commitment of the martyrs’ legacy might return to Reformed and Lutheran churches.

  2. Pray that God provide resources and solutions about 2 immediate challenges of New churches: to hire a pastor, and to find a building.

  3. Pray for deeper unity between the various immigrant churches and French indigenous congregations.

  4. Pray for French evangelical churches to gain a vision for world evangelization.

  5. Pray for the grace, endurance, and faith to both French and foreign mission agencies which work in evangelism and church planting.

  6. Pray for the less-reached minorities: the French Jewish community, North Africans, Black Africans from Francophone, Indo-Chinese refugees.

Source: Molly Wall, Pray for the World, 2015