General Information

  • Area: 33,846 sq km
  • Population: 2,640,438 (2020 estimate)
  • Capital: Chisinau (Kishinev)
  • Main Religion: Eastern Orthodox(93.34%), Protestant(2%)…
  • Official Language: Moldovan Romanian

Challenges for Prayer

  1. Moldova has severe several major issues: the depressed economy, largest proportion of human trafficking, alcohol and drug abuse. Pray for a government that wisely and effectively addresses these devastating challenges.

  2. Pray that God might provide the Church’s material needs such as jobs, buildings, discipleship materials, and training resources for leaders

  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit would deepen the spiritual life of many from the Orthodox faith.

  4. Pray for the less reached people in Moldova: the Gagauz, the Muslim minorities, the Gypsy population.

Source: Molly Wall, Pray for the World, 2015