General Information

  • Area: 8,515,767 sq km
  • Population: 212,559,417 (2020 estimate)
  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Main Religion: Christianity – Catholic Majority, but also Protestants and other Christian groups
  • Official Language: Portuguese

Challenges for Prayer

You can ask God

    1. for people to tell the truth and act fairly in government, in business, and in churches, schools, and families.

    2. for kids living on the streets or in the favelas (slum communities) to meet Jesus, flee temptations, and find hope.

    3. to free the many people who live in fear of evil spirits and practice magic.

    4. for groups with few or no Christians— especially in more remote regions—to meet Jesus.

Source: Jason Mandryk and Molly Wall, Window on the World, 2018