Praying brings true God’s will.

Praying brings true God's will.

Prayer is not a tool to fulfill our wishes or will,

but a tool to fulfill wishes and will of God.


Many people pray to escape from difficult situations and seek God’s help. Of course, because God is merciful, loving, and good, he hears our prayers and fulfills our needs in difficult environments and saves us from tribulations, but a prayer has a much deeper and more secretive meaning than that.

God seeks those who pray to accomplish His will. Since God is all-powerful, He can fulfill His will, even without the need of someone’s prayers, without a problem, but because of His love for people and desire to be with them, He treats people like His co-workers and desires for them to join in fulfilling His work.

So God seeks for those who pray, hears their prayer, and through answering them, He fulfills His plans. That is why God is pleased and responds joyfully to those who pray for God’s will beyond the prayers of those who pray to escape from their difficulties.

So, the most important thing when praying is to go beyond asking for my will to be fulfilled, and find out what God’s will is in certain circumstances and ask for it to be fulfilled.

That is exactly how Jesus prayed.

When Jesus was in the flesh on earth, He never once prayed for His own will to be fulfilled no matter how small, but always prayed for the Father’s will to be fulfilled, and his whole life was focused on fulfilling the will of the Father.

The Heavenly Father’s will is for more people to come to the Father and be saved through the dispensation of God’s prepared and planned salvation rather than being driven into destruction.

By praying to God for the nations and tribes, we can join in fulfilling His will and His Kingdom. This is what we can do right now.