God's Plan - Real Designer & Builder of My Life

Do you have any plans for yourself and your future?

Yes, everyone has his or her own plan for a better life than what they have now.

What is the best kind of life? Does it really exist? I am not even sure myself.

Then, what is a better life than the life that we have now?

Maybe, it contains economical abundance and good health, no illness, no pain, and no suffering. A good relationship with your family and friends, to have a dream and to fulfill that dream.

My life-long success, the success of my children, having a good job, a big house, and a nice car, and so on.

But is it ever enough? No. it’s not.

All of you and I as Christians, we already know that there is something special for each of us.

And some of you already know what this is. It is God’s plan.

There are two plans: One is from yourself and the other is from God.

Sometimes, they may be partially the same but, in many cases, they are different from each other.

When you go your own way, your life cannot make out the joy of God because it is from you and not from God.

Sometimes it may be good for you but that will not always be the case.

Although it may sometimes be good for you, it may not seem good for God because God is the One who with the best plan for you.

Yes, God has a special and unique plan for your life and your future. And that is the vision of God.

God’s vision is even greater than being a millionaire.

His plan for each of you is greater than being a doctor. It is greater than being a lawyer.

His plan is better than whatever it is that you want to become.

If you follow the plans of God, it will make your life to be the best because it is not from yourself. It is from God. God is good. He is so good.


[Matthew 7:11]

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”


God is the best Father for every one of you. As the best Father, God has the best plan for all of us.

Then, how can we know about God’s plan for us? How do we recognize His vision for us?

Through prayer.


Generally, many people pray for their own needs.

When something bad happens in our lives, we pray to God for help. By praying, we ask many things from God.

We pray for a healthy life, financial abundance, a good relationship, restoration from long lasting traumas, etc… and so on.

And that is OK, it is not bad. It’s better than not praying at all.

But it is not enough. Something must be changed.

We pray for changes in our situation or condition, but the real change happens in our hearts and our relationship with God.

When we truly pray, our focus of prayer moves from us to God. When this happens, you can know God’s plan and the realize the purpose of your life.

To fulfill the plan that God has for you is more important than to fulfill your own dreams.

Actually, when we seek His plan and His Kingdom, what we want and need will change.


[Matthew 6:33]

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”


So, what are ‘these things’?

They ‘eating’, ‘drinking’, and ‘wearing’.

These all mean the change in situations and conditions.

If something happens in our relationship with God and in our faith, God begins to work.

Genuine prayer makes it possible. It is possible through prayer.

Sometimes, you may not fulfill your dream. Sometimes, you cannot fulfill your plans or purpose. But do not worry about it.

The most important things is the fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life and not your own dream.

The evaluation of your life is not to come from yourself or from other people.

Only God can evaluate your whole life because God created you and all of these things.


He is the Lord, as today’s scripture reads.

God is a designer. What kind of designer?

He is the designer of your life and He is the builder of your life.

Abraham had known about this and that is his faith.

Like Abraham, all of us must give our whole lives to God with faith. God can use our lives for His purpose.


– Ian Yi